Terms and Conditions Zuidas Run 2021



Article 1 Definitions

1.1 In these general conditions the following definitions apply:


A: Event: event Zuidas Run in any year.

B: Participant: the natural person, no entrepreneur, who is registered in any way allowed by the Organizer to participate the Event.

C: Agreement: the agreement tending to participating of the participant to the Event.

D: Organizer: the legal entity, in this case House of Sports, with which the participants agreed to participate in the Event (House of Sports, Kerkstraat 45, 1191JD Ouderkerk a/d Amstel)



1.2 These general conditions apply to any agreement.


Article 2 Participation

2.1 Participation to the Event is only possible for a natural person who has reached at least the minimum age set by the Organizer of 14 years.


2.2 The participant may only participate in the Event if he has filled in the relevant entry completely and truthfully, if the total registration fee is paid and the terms and conditions are accepted. 


2.3 If the Participant is not able to participate in the Zuidas Run 2021, it is possible to transmit the registration to another person. This can be done by the e-mail contact via info@zuidasrun.nl The deadline is 14-06-2021.


2.4 It is not allowed for the participant to transfer his rights from the agreement to a third party without written approval of the Organizer beforehand. 


2.5 The payed registration fee is non-refundable, even if the participant cannot participate in the Event. Other payments under the Agreement are also non-refundable. Registration fee includes the costs of participation in the Event, the purchase of Event related products, a travel booking/stay or donation to the charity chosen by the Organizer of the Event. 


2.6 If the Participants prefers running another distance, this can be requested by e-mail contact with info@zuidasrun.nl Changing the distance is possible till 14-06-2021.


2.7 The Organizer has, at any time, the right to change the specific date and times of the event or to cancel the event, under exceptional circumstances and due to force majeure and also in case the organization of the event is forced to this. In these cases, the participant cannot claim compensation for any costs incurred and/or damage incurred as a result. In principle, there will be no refund of registration fees and/or other payments to the participant. 


2.8 The decision of the Organizer to cancel the Event does not make the Organizer liable for compensation of the costs made by the Participant.  

2.9 If the event does not match with the expectations of the Participant, the Participant must inform the Organization directly on the day of the event. If the complaint is not solved satisfactory, the Participant must inform (written and motivated) the Organizer within 14 days after the event. 


Article 3 Liability
 3.1 Participation is at the participants own risk. The organizer is not liable for any injuries or damages whatsoever which the participant may suffer as a result of participation, unless this damage is a direct result that can be attributed to the Organizers intent or gross negligence. This exclusion of liability also holds for serious damage types including all possible damage types as result of injury or death.

3.2 If, despite the provisions of the first paragraph of this article liability of the Organizer must be held accountable for injurie or damages of the participant, the liability of the Organizer to pay compensation may not exceed the amount that the insurer of the Organizer covers.

3.3 The Participant must be adequately insured against the risk of damage he or his next of kin may suffer as result of his death, injury or illness, cause by his participation in the Event.

3.4 The Participant declares to be aware of the fact that participation requires a good health, both mental and physical, and declares that he meets this requirement and that he has adequately prepared for the Event. In relation to the participation in the Event, the Organizer explicitly and urgently recommends a medical examination to the Participant

 3.5 The Participant indemnifies the Organizer for damages and injuries suffered by third parties as result of actions by the Participant or omission relating to the Event. The Participant must be adequately insured against the risk of liability for such damage.

3.6 Sponsors of the Event and the local authority of the city the Event is organized in, are, just as the Organizer, not liable for any injuries or damages whatsoever which the participant may suffer as a result of participation.

3.7 The Organizer is not liable for lost garments or other personal property of the Participants. This also holds for things that have been left in the by the Organizer provided clothing accommodation.

Article 4 Image right
 Participant grants permission in advance to the Organizer to publish photographs, images and videos such made before, during and after the Event, in which the participant is visible, including but not limited to the use for promotional purposes of the event and its partners.

Article 5 Personal data

 More information about personal details can be found in the Privacy Statement, published on www.zuidasrun.nl

The personal data provided by a participant or team will be included by the organizer in a participant file. By participating in the event, a participant grants permission to the organizer and its partners to use the personal data for sending event related information to the participant, for internal anonymized data analysis. Furthermore - provided that the participant has given permission for this in the registration process through an opt-in - for the use of personal data by the organization and/or its partners for promotional/commercial purposes. 

The Participant may at any time, free of charge, in writing or by email, object to the sending of information by the Organizer or to the sharing of personal information, after which the Promoter will cease to send and/or share information. The Participant grants by entering into the Agreement permission to the Organizer to disclose his name, registration and race results, for example through publication in newspapers and on the Internet

Article 6 Dispute
 Disputes between the Organizer and the Participant shall be settled to the exclusion of the civil court through arbitration, accordance with the regulations of the Dutch Arbitrage Institute. A dispute exists if one of the parties declares this to be the case.

Article 7 Competition rules
 7.1 To the participation of the Participant in the Event apply the following “competition rules Zuidas Run” which can be found on www.zuidasrun.nl.

7.2 The Organizer has the right to disqualify and/or remove a Participant from the race if he does not comply with these race rules, when he behaves in unsportsmanlike or improper way, if any medical reasons, or in connection with the orderly progress of the Event it is deemed necessary.

 7.3 Participants must follow the instructions of the Organizer, c.q of people that appear to belong to the organization of the Organizer, considering the clothes they wear or other appearance.

7.4 In all cases if the rules does not provide clarity, the Organizer will decide. 

Prices per category
 Each Participant who reaches the finish within the set time limitations will receive a commemorative gift. There are special prizes for the three fastest men and women of the 5 and 10 kilometers. A participant shall not be entitled to a prize if he has breached the competition rules.

In the businessteam category the three fastest teams win. This is calculated as the sum of the time of the fastest three runners of each team. Teams consisting of less than three runners are therefore not eligible for the team prize.

Determination results

The Organizer will determine the results and is entitled to change the result after irregularities. An awarded prize shall be returned to the Organizer if, on the basis of the results after amendment it, the received is no longer entitled to the prize.

Mode of locomotion
 All Participants must run the race course set by the Organizer in a manner that is custom for running events.

Bibs and race numbers
 The participant will receive a document from the Organizer with the personally allocated race number. The race bib needs to be worn on the participant’s chest. For the 5 and 10 kilometers the time registration system is integrated in the race bib.

The race bib must be attached and worn in such a way that start number, barcode and other displayed information are clearly visible. It is forbidden for the Participant to wear other race numbers than those provided to him by the Organizer.
The Participant is strongly advised to mention any medical information on the inside of the race bib. The Organizer takes back the race numbers of Participant who have been disqualified or are unable to take part in the event for other reasons.

Time registration
The Organizer shall determine the finish time. This determination is binding.
The time registration of Racetimer will be used at the Zuidas Run 2021. Racetimer makes use of UHF RFID technology for the time registration – in which the disposable chip is applied to the starting number. The Organizer is only able to register the times of the Participant if the starting number is worn correctly.

Deadline/final runner
Due to the release of the course to traffic, the Participant shall within the time set out below have passed the finish line:

Distance: Maximum Time Run
5 km 1:00:00
10 km 2:00:00

The times are expressed as time elapsed since the moment of the start. The participant who is not at or beyond the thereby set finish point at the time as per above, will be removed from the Event/course by the Organizer. The judgement of the by the Organizer appointed arbiter “final runner” is binding for the determining whether a Participant a certain point passed timely. Participants who cross the finish later than the maximum time after the start, are no longer included in the ranking.

 Other provisions

  • It is forbidden to the participant to accept care (drink, food, sponge, etc) at a place other than the ones appointed by the Organizer caring station. 
  • The road traffic act and the related legislation, such as traffic rules and traffic signs, remains in force during the Event on the entire course.  
  • It is not allowed to be guided at the course, regardless of the purpose and by whomever, unless the Organizer obtained written permission. 
  • It is not allowed to bring objects like pets, prams, banners etc.
  • It is not allowed to carry out expressly political, philosophical or religious views or make remarks that could be considered offensive, abusive or insulting in any way during the Event. 
    • It is not possible to hand over clothes at the start. Participants are advised to arrive in sports clothes. The Participant is reminded out that this accommodation will not be guarded by the Organizer.
      • It is expected that the Participant will not cause damage to properties of others and does not leave waste.
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